Guess What? Chicken Butt!!!

CJ Dipper

this kid was my favorite. el muchacho preferida for all you spaniards out there! he was really good. he was like yo yo i am cj dippa blah blah blah people cheer my name, blah people know my fame! i t was really good. i liked it when howie said," you know your white, right?" hahahahaha! i found that funny. and it is true. there are many things white people are bad at. if you walk out on a basketball court and you are white, you are automatically handicapped. the same with rapping! some might think that i am rascist, but i am white, so i can make fun of me. i dont mean half the stuff i say! dont be like, oh he was a rascist person, lets shut down his site... i wil find you!!! :D just kidding. you should check out next weeks jokes if you think that these are rascict!!!! here is a video for your enjoyment and learning that white men cant rap(or jump, but that isnt in the video)!