Guess What? Chicken Butt!!!
yeah shortstack went to freckles web site nd i updated it 4 him!!!!!!

YO! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE BEST PART OF BAND.trombones yeah!! THEN GO TO THE VIDEOS FOR MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is a picture of 2 baby chicks. dont be fooled though, my website is guess what chicken but. it was the only picture that i could find that fit!

Yeah! new Website!

Hey world! This is your friend Freckles. That isn't my real name by the way. My real name is J- okay mom. Sorry guys (and girls) i can't tell you. this is cool! i have some friends form school who have a website ( who said this was a cool way to make stuff. You should check it out, you know them as Mayo, Unicorn, and Natiloo. Anyway, i will be asking them many questions on the websites. i got to learn how to put a comment page and everything! Talk to you later dodes (and dudets)!

Figurin' stuff out!

you know who i am by now, and i have to tell you. i am kind of blonde. but never the less, i have made up nick names and figured out how to put on a comments page. by the way, pleez comment! and a hidden page. if you think that there are too few icons, just scan over some stuff with you mouse, clicker thing.see ya all later

Best part of band

yeah! everyone knows that precussion is the best part of band. but drumming is way better than precussion. some might say, o drumming precussion, there is no difference. haha! i laugh atthose people!!!!! drumming is like REAL drumms, the skins dawg!!!! yo i say drums are the life of a band. go to videos for a drummer.

Google AdSense

ok. hey guys. this is your pal Freckles. also known as J-Fizzle, J-Dawg, or J-Bone, according to Mister Sister. i want to ask you peoples about ad-ding a google ad. hahahaha! AD-ding, get it? AD-ding! anyway this is like those cheesy little ads that you see at websites. honestly, unless everyone wants it, i am not going to put one up. but the thing is, they make you money. but that is only for those who click on them. and half goes to Weebly. all of you who want your say in this matter, comment about it!! i know like 50 people went on this website on june 4, but only 10 comments! Half of them are mine!!!!!!! so please (please) comment. and go to jokes to ad in your own jokes.