Guess What? Chicken Butt!!!


hey world. this is your homie Freckles. i have a few words for you: nit wit, gibblet, and dimple. that was an example of 1 of many things that i love so very very much: RANDOMNESS!!!! i also enjoy joking, chocolate, friends, blondes, and justin bieber music..... just kidding! i dont like the bieb. some say he has talent, but it is maked. i say he just doesnt have talent. i am probably gonna get many angry people *cough* nutter butter*cough* sunshine*cough* o well. i have a few random things up my sleeve. feel free to tell me what i shud put on the site. it is a viewer site, so i accept suggestions. have fun and watch out for nargles.


since this is a random page, i figure that i should put my favorites on here. this week is actors/ actresses. i like luna lovegood from harry potter. also i like Captain Jack Sparrow. always has to be Captain. hahaha! i just thought of this: Crunch-a-tize me Captain!!!! o well. i like it when people are eccentric. whoa big word i know. it just means that they are out going and different. people in the real world arent like that. i want to be like that, though. like a mixture between jack sparrow and luna lovegood. o well. post your favorites and if you have a website, put it on the comments. i will put them on my site for popularty. pleez do the same!have fun and beware the nargles. they like to float around this page and keep you distract....o look a bird!